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Nestabs®One is a new prescription dietary supplement providing prenatal nutrition in a single, once-daily pill. Nestabs®One was formulated to provide supplemental prenatal nutrition and contains key vitamins and minerals such as folate (Quatrefolic®), iron, and DHA in a single (once daily) gel cap.

Nestabs®DHA is one of the most nutritionally complete prenatal vitamins available today. The two-pill system provides a daily formula of 14 vitamins and minerals including folic acid, iron, DHA, and choline.

Nestabs® is an Earth Kosher Certified nutritionally complete and carefully formulated prenatal multi-vitamin.  Includes 14 essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to adequately supplement mothers and unborn children.

Irospan®24/6 is a unique iron therapy designed to maximize iron absorption while maintaining tolerability.  The highest absorption of iron has been shown to occur in the first 20-24 days of iron therapy, so we’ve designed a unique 24/6 dosing regimen.  Irospan®24/6 contains two different forms of iron – ferrous bisGlycinate chelate and polysaccharide iron complex.

Urogesic Blue™ is a urinary antiseptic / antispasmodic for the treatment of symptoms of irritative voiding, hypermotility, urinary tract infections and discomfort from urinary diagnostic procedures.  Local symptoms of irritative voiding may include excessive frequency of urination; an urgent need to urinate and difficulty postponing urination; nocturia – frequent urination at night; and painful or burning sensation when urinating.

ProCort® is a combination of a corticosteroid and an anesthetic, used to decrease swelling, itching and pain caused by minor skin irritations or hemorrhoids.  ProCort® is the only hemorrhoid treatment containing Invisicare®, a patented M1 Polymer delivery system which holds active ingredients on the skin longer.

Fem pH™ is a therapeutic vaginal jelly designed to maintain the proper vaginal pH to prevent the overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.  Fem pH™ can be used to promote or maintain vaginal acidity due to diabetes, lifestyle, compromised immune system, hormonal changes, antibiotics, and steroids.