Irospan® 24/6

A Unique Iron Therapy Designed to Maximize Iron Absorption While Maintaining Tolerability

Irospan® 24/6

Prescription Iron Supplement

24 Day of Iron Therapy Containing:

  • 130mg of Elemental Iron
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Vitamin B Complex

Highest absorption of iron has been shown to occur in the first 20-24 days of iron therapy, while absorption can actually begin to decrease with continuous iron therapy.

Ascorbic acid has been shown to aid iron absorption by pushing iron into duodenal cells, while blocking iron binding phytates, tannins and polyphenols that have been shown to interfere with iron absorption.

Iron Rest Period – 6 Days of Succinic Acid Therapy

  • Adjusted Formulation:  Removing both forms of iron and adding 150mg of Succinic Acid

During iron rest period, succinic acid stimulates iron transmission by pulling iron transmission by pulling iron from intestinal enterocyte cells into the bloodstream, which promotes iron absorption.

Succinic Acid has been shown to enhance iron absorption by as much as 30%, without a rise in side effects.