An Innovative Hemorrhoid Treatment with Invisicare®


Prescription Hemorrhoid Treatment

The only hemorrhoid treatment containing Invisicare® – holding active ingredients on the skin longer.

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Fast Acting Dual Action Relief

  • Hydrocortisone acetate 1.85% + Pramoxine HCl 1.15%
    • Anti-inflammatory stop burning and itching, while the anesthetic alleviates pain
  • Provides the dual action of a proven anti-inflammatory agent and topical anesthetic without the risk of “caine-like” sensitization

Invisicare® Provides Long Lasting Relief

Bonds and Delivers the Active Ingredients on the Skin up to 4 Hours

  • ProCort® is specifically formulated with a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic polymers that carry water insoluble active ingredients in water-based products without the use of alcohol, silicones, waxes, or other organic solvents.
  • The technology is non-occlusive and allows normal skin respiration and perspiration while moisturizing and protecting against exposure from a wide variety of environmental irritants.